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Worthy Is The Lamb

Our subject is one that proves to be mysterious and often confusing, even unapproachable to the average Christian. For this reason, it has been exploited by the devil through human speculators to the disillusionment of millions. Our goal in examining the book of Revelation is to accomplish a respectful study of God’s final scriptural message to mankind prior to the commencement of the end of time. We will not be able to answer every question, but we do seek to couch the entire text of this book is an unmistakable timeframe that will eliminate 99 percent of the wild speculation that surrounds it.

Table of Contents


  1. Worthy is The Lamb (1): Things Which Must Shortly Come To Pass
  2. Worthy is The Lamb (2): The Seven Churches of Asia Minor
  3. Worthy is The Lamb (3): The Signs of The Apocalypse
  4. Worthy is The Lamb (4): Climax
  5. Worthy is The Lamb (5): Victory


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