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Dust To Dust

This series of lessons concerns the uncomfortable, but unavoidable subject of death. Every book in the Bible is about life and death in some way, whether it is spiritual, physical, or more likely, a combination of both. Unless the return of Christ interferes, everyone here from the youngest to the oldest is destined to live a while longer and then to die. Our existence does not end there, however; it is only beginning really. Eternity follows and eternity is based in the use of the life we now possess, making it vitally important that we understand the purpose of life and the force of death. 

Table of Contents


  1. Dust To Dust (1): The Meaning of Death
  2. Dust To Dust (2): Houses of Mourning
  3. Dust To Dust (3): The Brevity of Life
  4. Dust To Dust (4): Hades
  5. Dust To Dust (5): Heaven or Hell


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