Will to Spirit

Before doing something foolish, many people today excuse it by announcing YOLO, an acronym for You Only Live Once. YODO, however, is equally true. The Bible reminds the foolish we are appointed to die once as well, and after this we must face God in judgment. That judgment depends on how you lived your once, and what you did with Jesus.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that man is driven by the will to power, an urge to achieve, be proudly ambitious, and attain chief positions in life. Sigmund Freud, on the other hand, emphasized the will to pleasure, or the pleasure principle, a craving for fleshly enjoyment.

Both lifestyles deny the will of Christ, for both are rooted in self and temporary bliss at the expense of eternal life. A third will, the will to spirit, recalls that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments. There will be no greater, or more pleasurable, position than eternal life when you have lived this one out.

What will you do with Jesus -- ask him to line your pockets or look the other way, or will you kneel at his cross and put your one life in his hands?