From Where I Stand: Uncanny Resemblance

Just a few weeks ago, I was reentering Bass Performance Hall during intermission. With Schubert on my mind, an older gentleman took me aside, saying, “You probably hear this all the time – You look just like Al-Assad, the dictator from Syria.” Actually, that was the first time I had heard that, but a quick Google image search uncovered a few photos of the Syrian that bear more than a passing resemblance. Presumably, the similarities end there – I dictate infrequently and my Arabic is limited. On the other hand, it is startling how two such disparate creatures can look enough alike to fool the casual observer. That is surely why the Holy Spirit warns us about false gospels and false christs. The most insidious draw power from superficial similarity to the genuine article, differing where it matters beneath the surface, where fewer bother to look (Mark 13:22, Galatians 1:6-9).