From Where I Stand: A Spring in My Step

Winter 2012 will not likely go down in history as memorably as the previous one, during which Super Bowl preparations in North Texas were disrupted by three days of ice, snow and bitter cold. As Daylight Saving Time goes back into effect and the spring equinox is on our doorstep, Lord willing, we will pass again from the calendar’s chilly period to its mildest months. Spring, with its welcome imagery of rebirth and new life, is customarily greeted with a mixture of relief and anticipation. The arrival of spring should remind us of the potential to start over, to seize a God-given second chance, to try our best to make life an eternal proposition, rather than a temporary uptick in an endless cycle of regret. Bask in the warmth of the sun, but let the light of God’s son illuminate a fadeless path to glory.