Home Making
Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 1:00PM
Jeff Smith in Sermon Series

We live in a disposable world where fix-it shops are almost a thing of the past. We throw away what doesn’t work and buy something new without much thought of its worth. We eat off paper plates and trade in our cars every two years. Now, even marriages are disposable. In 2003, pop singer Britney Spears married and then annulled her vows to God over a long, drunken weekend. A peer, Jennifer Lopez, was famously divorced, married and engaged to three different men at the same time! The blended and re-blended family is quickly becoming the norm and the stigma once attached to divorce is clearly a thing of the past. Historians warn that the basic family unit is the keystone of a healthy society, but the Bible already made that clear. It is no wonder that our nation is suffering the ills of disposable babies, wasted youth and welfare dependent adulthood. As marriages are disposed, society follows. And instead of stemming the tide, most churches have simply accommodated it. The fact is that, “Marriage is a life sentence.” The plan of God was always meant to be mating for life, making a home that lasts until death do us part. If Christians would know a happiness that exceeds that of the lost, they would reacquaint themselves with this fact before experimenting with marriage, for it is not a paper plate that you can use and throw away.

Table of Contents


  1. Home Making (1): Marriage Is A Life Sentence
  2. Home Making (2): Soulmates or Cellmates?
  3. Home Making (3): Raising Abel
  4. Home Making (4): ‘Till Debt Do Us Part
  5. Home Making (5): Conclusion


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