From Where I Stand: Mothers
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 9:22AM
Jeff Smith in From Where I Stand, Home

The Bible is filled with examples of motherhood, most of them very good, but some rather bad. None of them is perfect, of course, not even Mary, even if the sacred texts do not explore their flaws in print. Motherhood is more than a biological or instinctive exercise in reproduction, you see. Motherhood is a spiritual relationship, best informed by the wisdom of our Creator, and one which touches the very depths of a child’s soul. Motherhood provides life and sustenance, guidance and correction, admonition and healing. Motherhood provides the Bible writers with dramatic illustrations of her concern for her offspring, peering into the animal world to honor the protectiveness of the she-bear and the succor of the hen (Proverbs 17:12, Matthew 23:37). To have a mom who combines the finest of the often disparate qualities is to enjoy rich blessing. Why not give her a call?

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